you opened the door and let me in

so, with a little doubt inside my hart, I stepped in and sat in a chair.

“coffee?”, you asked.

I shook my head, “I don’t drink coffee”

“milk?, I still have some. cold or warm?”

“cold, will be nice. ultra, or indo?”

“indo, choc”

“that would be nice, thank you”

so you poured some in a glass and handed it to me. for a while I just held it, and looked at the glass, and stayed in silence. you pulled a chair and sat in front of me.

“don’t like it?”

“oh, I do”, and started drinking it, until the last drop.

and again I held the glass and looked at it. and we both were speechless for a while.

“I’m glad you are here”, you tried to break the silence.

” me too, you don’t have any idea how much”

you took the glass and walked to the kitchen, and I followed you. there in front of th fridge I stood while you put my glass in the washbasin, I should have done it by myself. I didn’t want to be a guess here, I really didn’t want to.

“show me how you cook”, I said.

“what do you want me to cook?”

“anything, I’m not a cookie. you are. prove to me what you said”

so you approached the fridge and a I stepped a little aside. still I can feel your elbow touched mine and my hart beat fast and strong.

you opened the fridge door and looked in and  grabbed some stuffs.

“seemed there’s noting left here. I only have potatoes. you know what I can make of these?”

“baked potatoes with cheese and chilli?”

you raised your shoulder, “what else. too bad, I am even out of broccoli. not something good for a dinner”

“don’t worry, anything will do”

then I helped you wrapped the potatoes with the foil. oh my god, felt my hart is filled by drum basses and like to jumping out. I tried not to look in your eyes coz I know I wouldn’t be able to control my self. both of us just keep busy with the potatoes and knive and foil and microwave. even until the potatoes are in the micro, we just stood there side by side not talking. you and I looked at the microwave waiting for the beep. but it’s not the potatoes inside my head. I didn’t know what was in yours.

beep beep beep beep

you raised your hand, I thought to open the microwave and take out the potatoes. but I was wrong. you took my hand and I looked at you with questions in my head as you looked into mine and answered my question with a lingual question.

“will you stay for a night?”

8 thoughts on “you opened the door and let me in

  1. oh so sweet and romantic…
    sayangnya aku tak bisa bahasa inggris…tapi aku mudeng maksudnya diatas

  2. stay for a night? you’ve got to be kidding!

    sure you have plenty of milk and a fancy microwave too, but what’s a microwave without any internet connection? stay for a night? no thanks, i’d rather stay at a 24hrs warnet hahahaaa… πŸ˜€

    eh, tapi bukan gitu ya lanjutannya?

    bisa juga… belum tau, masih dipikirkan πŸ˜€

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