look at me….

it’s me you are talking to, don’t look away

and I touch your cheek softly, turn your head so you face me.

i’m afraid of the magic in you

i’m not a witch

oh the look in your eyes. it’s so deep get into my hart  through mine. i can’t stand, now i’m the one to look away.

i’m looking at you now

i know but i look afar, and play your long sleeve edge with my fingers. i can feel you looking at me, and my fingers, and me, and away…  so i found the courage to look at you again, who is looking away.

oh love, has brought us to this silly situation we’re in

oh love, has turned us into two fools having empty conversation

oh love, has melted our hart

like a bar of chocolate you gave, that’s melted in the warmth of our holding hands.


4 thoughts on “look at me….

  1. and chocolate my love, melt in our mouths not in our hands 😀

    yup. it started melting in our hands, until i put a slice in my mouth, and another slice in yours. and it continued melting as we kissed….

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